Casual parking bookings

A limited amount of Casual Parking is available to AMP Centre tenants and their guests, offered on a single day basis.
Bookings and payment must be made in advance via this website, which uses a secure Westpac online payment system. To book a space, you must be an employee of an AMP Centre tenant or their guest. You will be required to enter a valid company email address which will be authenticated before the booking can proceed, as well as your credit card or VISA / MasterCard debit card.

Customers can choose from:
  • Full day parking ($25.00 includes GST. Single Entry/ Exit)
  • Half day parking ($15.00 includes GST), which are split into:
    i) Half day morning – up to 12pm (midday)
    ii) Half day afternoon – after 12pm (midday)
The above rates are applicable 7 days a week. As the number of casual parking spaces is limited, if you require parking outside these times (e.g. from 10am-4pm), you will need to book a full day and the full day rate will be applicable.

AMP Centre Management is pleased to advise that casual parking is now available to be booked on the same day as the required booking. 

If you have any queries, please contact security on 02 9257 1707 (24 hours).

Please note there are no cancellations, no refunds and no credits.
Before using the booking service, we recommend you review the terms and conditions by clicking here.
To proceed with a booking, please complete the following form:

Note: Height Restriction 1.8m

AMP Centre Casual parking will no longer be available from 5pm, Friday 29th December.

Full Name
Email Address
Company Name
Driver Contact Phone
Car Registration
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