Sustainability Overview

Our Commitment

AMP Capital, as a leading property investment manager, aligns itself with AMP's commitment to the environment. Environmental management is integral to effective property management.

The Property division integrates environmental compliance and enhancement into its normal property management processes and an active approach is taken to managing the environmental impact of AMP Capital property investments. The overall aim is to continually improve direct environmental impacts by:

  • Reducing usage of energy, water, paper and other materials
  • Reducing and disposing of waste responsibly and recycling more materials more efficiently
  • Including environmental considerations in purchasing decisions and product design
  • Taking environmental concerns into account in designing new or refurbished buildings, and
  • Encouraging suppliers and business partners to manage their impact on the environment.

The Property Management division assists with and promotes the environmental education of employees, contractors and stakeholder businesses and works with government, industry and environmental organisations towards improving our environmental practices.


How you can help us achieve better environmental performance

1. Minimising Waste and Improved Waste Recycling
Each tenant has one general waste and one recycling bin under their desk - we ask that tenants assist with our recycling initiatives.

2. Minimising Water Wastage
AMP Capital aims at reduce water usage across the portfolio. We encourage tenants to report any anomalies that may occur with the building's plumbing systems, and we demand a high level of alertness from our cleaning and security contractors during general duties.  Leaking taps and continuous toilet flushing leaks should be reported to building management immediately so that corrective action can be taken.

3. Tenant Fitout Guide - Environmental Design Criteria
Our tenancy fitout guide includes a basic environmental guide that will assist you when considering environmental design options for tenancy fitouts. The focus of these options is aimed at lighting design and appliance and material selection.

These options can reduce your energy bill whilst improving your environmental performance.